Are you looking to work on interesting projects with a forward thinking creative agency and consulting organization?

We hold a high bar for our joining our team and are always looking for exceptionally talented individuals to join us.

We’re especially interested if you have a background that:

  • Combined business and technology experience
  • Evidences creative and effective user experience solutions
  • Interested in web and mobile solutions
  • Shared philosophy on getting things done

We offer a flexible, open and collaborative work environment where you get to work with peers at the top of their industries on projects that encircle the globe. We hold integrity as one of our highest values and work to deliver real solutions that address our customers issues. Our company goal is to be a green (sustainable) firm in all aspects, and as such we try to minimize travel, keep our employees close to home wherever possible, and embrace remote capabilities.

We don’t have any hard and fast requirements for job applicants, we’re simply looking for the best talent, the best fit, with the most potential interested in a long term committment together as one. Consider us Talent Scouts. For too long we’ve witnessed recruiters commoditizing their business, spamming for skill-match, playing the numbers game to land a match for the job requirement. Only to find short term fix and long term failures costing corporations millions in hiring process disasters.

We don’t operate this way. Visiomente plays a key role in finding the perfect match between soft skills and hard skills, willing to teach and grow our talent pool into the best designers and technologists who understand it’s about the TEAM.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to be considered for a career with our firm – please email us.

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