Best Business Books

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For decades and in some cases generations, there have been outstanding writers, authors, and books who's message transcend time. I first learned about "My Personal MBA" in 2005, when browsing the internet looking for great reads about business, marketing, sales, psychology, start-ups, finance, and productivity. I copied down the list in one of my notes, signed up for in 2005 and quickly became immersed in the wonderful world of knowledge...and audible books for that matter. Most books were amazing reads of life experiences for the super famous and successful entrepreneurs. Soaking up more knowledge than... Read More

5 Top Reasons for a Mobile Optimized Website

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Many clients haven't quite caught on to just how important it is to have a mobile optimized website. Fact of the matter is, it's not just important. It's required! Page load speed matters to users and to search engines. It's critical that you website loads in under 3 seconds to engage your users. Especially on mobile. Mobile users have very small windows of time they are bouncing between tasks and daily life. They expect to find information and content easily. They expect to complete tasks quickly. Think about when you use your phone? Sitting at a stop light? Waiting for a meeting or an appointment? Waking... Read More

UX Planning for Success

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Research has shown that you never really reliably know what works and won't work on the web.  Usage patterns and behaviors can and most certainly will change over time.  It's important to spend enough time doing proper planning to do your best to meet the expectations of your users from what you know today. Lack of planning ultimately will lead to dissatisfied customers upset because of project delays, scoping disputes, under-budgeting, and poor user experiences in final delivery.  This can all be avoid through proper planning.  One of the most under-rated aspects in the entire digital design solution. Adding just... Read More

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